Get Ready

To Taste Paradise

In Every Bite!

Our 10-inch Personal Pizzas are made to order with hand-tossed, house-made dough, house-made sauces, the freshest ingredients and the finest cheeses! 

Welcome to Captiva Crust

Captiva Crust is a delightful addition to the culinary scene on Captiva Island, offering a unique and personalized pizza experience that has captured the hearts and taste buds of locals and tourists alike. Nestled between the island’s scenic beauty and ‘Tween Waters Island Resort & Spa, this charming little pizzeria exudes a cozy and welcoming atmosphere. What sets Captiva Crust apart is its commitment to customization, allowing customers to craft their own perfect personal pizzas from a diverse array of fresh and high-quality toppings, sauces, and cheeses.

Whether you prefer classic margherita, exotic Mediterranean flavors, or something entirely unique, Captiva Crust ensures that every pizza is a reflection of your individual taste.

Our Location

Located adjacent to
Shipyard Restaurant at
‘Tween Waters Island Resort & Spa

Carry Out or Dine In at Shipyard
4PM – 10PM Daily (Closed Tuesday)